Sunday, May 31, 2009

sunday musings

May. 31, 2009

I was just thinking that after all of the busyness of the past its all done. Water under the bridge. For better or worse, Tommy is done with 5th grade. It is interesting how different school at home is with just him here. Sometimes I have felt bad for him not to have the constant interaction with his siblings that they had when they were at home...sometimes I have felt bad for the others to not have had so much one-on-one attention through the day. I am pretty much 'his' all day.

This year was good. It seems like after so much struggle, Tom is finally understanding reading. It isn't easy for him, but its coming. Writng too is coming along. Science and Math were never a problem and still aren't. It has been interesting teaching such a big time kinesthitic learner. I wonder where that characteristic will take him. I wonder what God has in mind.

Mark has always been at home on a computer. Very mathematical and technical....and now he is a computer engineer. Ryan has been drawing, and drawing precisely, since he was preschool aged and now he is almost done with his college studies in construction and architecture. Hallie has always been compassionate and level headed...easily able to assess a situation and figure out what needs to be done. Now she is beginning her journey toward where will my hands-on, animal loving go-getter go? Amazing to me that they are who they are from the very start.

So now I have a summer in front of me. It will go too fast, but so does time in general. Hard to believe, really, that another school year is over. Thank you God for seeing us through!