Saturday, January 9, 2010

this good day

The sun is steaming in the windows! It is beautiful out. It was -1 this morning when we woke up, but that didn't stop Steve and Tom from leaving before 7:00 to get out on the lake and drill their holes and drop their lines. I haven't heard from them yet, so don't know how the fishing is going. They went to an inland lake today, haven't been having the best of luck out on the big lake...We'll see if we have fish for dinner or not.
I am so glad it is the weekend. We actually had a really good week of school this week, but it is nice to have a day to catch up on all the other things.
The guys came home with 2 northern pike and a few panfish, so it was a good day! A fish dinner is in our future now!
Hallie Ann was supposed to work today but was called this afternoon and told they didn't need her - gift to me!! We spent a fun day together. What would I do without that girl (young woman I guess) in my life!
What a nice day this has been. Tommy with his fishing partner/ sweet daughter and me. Sometimes I think God gives us these perfect days as precious gifts to enjoy and savor. So many days are full of stress and busy-ness. Not enough time to get everything done. It is so good to have one that just goes right. Everyone is content at the end of it. All I can do is sigh contentedly. Who knows when the next one will be...but I have enjoyed this one!
Steph and Mark are over now too. Perfect way to cap off a day given to us by God! I am thankful.

Monday, January 4, 2010

glimpse of riches untold

Walking down my driveway earlier today, it looked like I was in the middle of a gem field. It is very cold and very sunny. There is a new layer of soft snow over everything. In the sun those tiny snowflakes glisten like a million tiny diamonds. As I walked the sun caught different facets of different crystals and the snow simply twinkled.
I really don't love winter, but days like today get me through it.
The cold air took my breath away.
I had to breath slowly to not shock my lungs
Nothing was exposed but my face
but the payoff was amazing.
No kings storehouse of jewels could compare to the glistening beauty right outside my door.
If this is what God shows off to anyone or no one...
...just because He can
What will the beauty of heaven be like?


I visited my neighbor a while ago. I love having good neighbors. I came home smiling just because I like being with her.
She has had a rough last few hours, fell down her stairs in the middle of the night and ended up going into the ER, just as a precaution to be sure she was ok...she was. She does so much for so many people, she is just plain worn out. Seems that our bodies sometimes just say 'enough'. Knowing her, she'll be back in the thick of things in a day or two, but for now she is resting. She doesn't like it much, but that is what she is doing. We all have to rest sometime.
God rested.
Not that He needed to, but because He was willing to show us what we need to do by example.
He rested, because He knew we would need to rest
and because resting is good.
We tend to think that being productive is the good thing
that every moment is best spent 'doing'
God says otherwise.
He says good things happen when we rest.
He asks us to rest.
Actually, He tells us to rest.
When I am stressed, my daughter tells me 'breathe mom'
what she means is
take a moment
catch my breath
slow down
consider - what is important here?
our usefulness to others and to God depends on it.
so today,