Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In the beginning - what was He thinking?

Genesis 1 and 2:
In the beginning - God created
By the power of His word, everything was put in place
It's all made by Him.
But before it was all made,
at the end of Genesis 1:2 it says
...and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters...
His Spirit was hovering, waiting...
I can't help by wonder if He was pondering, considering...
Was He pondering over what He was about to do?
As He looked forward and saw what was to come 
What may have been His thoughts?
Of course none of us can know His thoughts
They are too big.
But again, I wonder, 
He would have seen it all - 
the garden
then turning - sin - His creation choosing away from Him.
So Did He keep looking forward?
Did He look ahead to eternity?
He was there, over the waters, in the midst of the Beginning...
He could see the Horrific Mess in the middle.
but was He focusing on the end?
As He hovered there.

To us, the middle is everything,

it is all we know.
The good of it, the bad of it, the ugly of it.
The sad thing is that there is just so much chaos
so much horror, so much pain and disappointment
so much turning from God.
He saw it all.
He knew how bad it would all be.
- how far we would fall
- how angry we would be
- the hate in our fist shaking at our creator
- the look of our backs defiantly turned away from Him
     ...our faces willingly turned toward His enemy
- how utterly against Him we would be
To us, what we see around us is enough
...enough to make us think that none of it is worth it
but God kept looking
and He saw the end - the eternity.
and somehow, looking at THAT - 
He decided to go ahead with it.
His hovering gave way to creation, to action
It makes me wonder, 
What is eternity?
What is heaven?
that is was enough to not hold back the hand of God?
So as His Spirit hovered
and time began -
God moved.
He created.
He put it all in motion.
And we have Genesis 1 and 2.
And then....
so soon after it all started,
it all began to crumble, just as He knew it would.
We chose chaos 
We chose what was other than God.
From the start, we doubted He who had always been faithful
- He who had always been good.
and we began listening to the one who always lies.
There was no 'long time of fellowship' before the horror began
We sinned 
....and Genesis 3 - Revelation began to play out
Just as God knew it would when He was hovering and pondering
And Yet, 
He still began it.
Makes me long for eternity.
Oh, how He loves you and me.