Tuesday, April 3, 2012

He just IS

I want to erect a standing stone.
I wish there was a huge pillar of stone that I could put up 
-to help me forever remember
-to remind me to never forget...the faithfulness of God.
A year ago today was simply the hardest day
But today - 365 days later,
My heart just overflows with hope and thankfulness.
God brought us through!!
Not that the journey is over, but we've broken through the thickest of the fog!
'Be still, there is a healer, His love is deeper than the sea!!!!'
I just love Jesus so much.
and you know, 
if nothing was easier, 
if nothing was better,
If the day was just as dark,
and hope just as hidden,
I would still love Him
He would still be the healer
His love would still be as deep.
It isn't my perception or my happiness that makes Him who He is
His goodness doesn't depend on things going my way
He is who He is independent of my belief
He just is.
And I am so grateful.
hopefully I can be that standing stone.
Hopefully my life can be a faithful witness to HIM
His love overwhelms me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A winter day at home
Tommy is working on a writing assignment...
Hal is taking a break from her studies and working on a puzzle...
I am here - just sitting for a while
and listening.
I can hear the hum of the fridge, 
the occasional sound of the furnace turning on
the clock ticking 
and the sound of my computer keys
but other than that, all is quiet
Outside the air appears to be still, though on second look, branches are waving a bit.
Little winter birds flutter to the feeders,
and then flit off to the pines to eat.
The dogs are asleep.
A sort of lazy afternoon.
A relaxing respite in a busy day.
It's like I can hear God whisper,
"Peace, be still"