Sunday, June 21, 2009


Jun. 21, 2009

The longer I live, the more I realize that life, among other things, is a long line of goodbyes. Blessedly there are at least as many hellos, but that doesn't really ease the goodbyes altogether.

We said goodbye to our exchange student this past week. Our beloved Slovakian 'daughter'. She was only with us less than 5 months, but oh what an impact she has had. My heart just aches as I miss her smiling face and joyful presence in our home. In January she came; frightened and sad and discouraged. She was making a move that she was completely unsure of, into a home she knew nothing of. She had had a less than wonderful experience, and had hoped to go somewhere more familiar, but we were her only option. Somewhere between January and June she became a part of us. She grew to trust and love us as we did her. I will be forever grateful to God for trusting our family with her care. But now we had to say goodbye. I look forward now to skyping with her and writing to her, but will really miss the playful chatter and companionship as will we all.

I look forward to that day, somewhere in the future, when we no longer have any goodbyes to say. That day when we are all ushered into an eternity of companionship and fellowship, all centered around the love of our savior. What a day that will be. Until then, I will find such comfort in knowing that all of it is God's plan playing out and I am just a part of it all. I am so thankful.

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