Friday, May 21, 2010

crazy days

I am in the middle of what I will call the crazy weeks of 2010. 
We have been to Ryan's college graduation on the 8th
to Rachel (his fiance's) graduation from college on the 15th
Will be going to Rachel's wedding shower here is Sunday
Hallie Ann's high school graduation is the 30th
The wedding is June 12th.
Beyond the obvious craziness of this
Is the fact that I love simplicity and quiet and lots of time margin.
It is the way I am wired.
Definitely more an introvert -
I get my 'recharge' from quiet and solitude...
I don't have the natural ability to thrive on deadlines and busyness.
So this is all a challenge for me...but then challenge is good.
My sister is the most energetic and organized person I know.
She is always doing something - always has purpose -
or so it seems to me.
I wish she were here to put all of this together for me.
But I'll make it through anyway.
Today I decided...
that Tom and I are just going to be done with school for the year.
We have a little left in his math book and his science book...
but then I never did finish a textbook in school growing up.
He isn't complaining about the extra week off -
He was out on the trampoline this afternoon
with the hose hooked up to the basketball net, spraying down on him
whooping and giggling and yelling "It's summer" at the top of his lungs. regret on being done with the daily 'classes with mom'
lets I offended?  ha ha....NO
(he maybe doesn't know that I am probably more ready than he to be finished :)
So, that is one thing I can cross off my list - 6th grade with Tom - check
Now for the next thing...
I will remind myself that June 13th is coming...and except for Hal's grad party in early July
the summer will be there to welcome me in time...

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