Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wow, another sunny day in March in Wisconsin!!
Go SUN!!!
It may even reach the 40's today.
I'll have to open the doors and air out the house :)
Tommy is outside in shorts, carving into the remains of the igloo and eating icicles.
It feels like spring is coming
...though I have lived here long enough

to know that that is not true...yet.
We may have a storm on Monday, but for today it is beautiful.
One thing so nice about this time of year,

is that when the sun IS out,
you can feel it.

In the dead of winter, it shines,
but doesn't really give us heat we can feel
If I am by the window today, the warmth is wonderful.

It is so good to know that even though winter is long -
Spring comes.
Every year.
God is faithful.

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Debbie's L'Bri said...

I am from southeastern WI.. Whitewater area.
We have had the 70 this week. It is very warm for this time of year. Today is was in the 50's.

Spring is a wonderful time. My son transplanted flowers yesterday and last night it rain. It think they transplanted well. I have 3 kids left that I am homeschooling. IT is definitely great to be home with the kids.
Happy Easter.

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