Tuesday, March 30, 2010

healing water

Tommy and I took a chance
and drove over to our favorite beach..
Yea! the ice was out up there!! 
The bay by us is still frozen,
but the beach is not as sheltered, nearer open water...
there, the ice was out! 
I can't even put in words what it does to me
to see WATER after the long months of ice. 
Growing up by the ocean,
I learned to find healing and rest by the water
There is something about gazing at the far horizon
and hearing the rhythm of the waves
and feeling small - yet a part of...
When the winter cold freezes the lake
it suddenly feels confined
and rigid
and unforgiving
When the ice goes out
it is like an old friend has made it home
I think I breathe easier
I know I find peace.
Once again, I find a reason to rejoice in spring!
And thank God for His faithfulness.

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