Tuesday, April 27, 2010

T-Tom Terrific

Tommy is 12
He is now the age that Mark was when Tommy was born.
This is my last year with someone younger than a teenager.
It's a day off school because birthday's always are at our house
at least for those of us studying school at home...
Steve and Hallie Ann have to go to a track meet,
so we will celebrate tomorrow as a family,
but Tom and I will celebrate today.
He is a reason to celebrate.
My heart swells when I consider what a gift he is
Back 'before Tom'
we thought we were all set as a family
mom, dad, son, son, and daughter
what could be better?
well----God knew one thing
from feelings of panic to excitement
he was on his way
and we have never been the same.
Makes me realize that change can definitely be good
God knows what He is doing
I thank God for Tommy and all he adds to us
Have a happy birthday bud...you are loved.


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