Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning....

Painfully cold windy winter day in Wisconsin!!
Beautiful bright sunny February day in Wisconsin!!
Today God is reminding me that it's my choice how I see things.
In Tom's devotion we talked about how it's up to us to be
optimistic or pessimistic
I know that, but I don't always remember that
Am I looking for the good in:
winter days...
or am I determined to find the faults
It really is painfully cold, below zero outside
It is also windy and bitter and hostile
not really fit for spending any time out there
unless you really bundle up
It is also bright and beautiful
The sun reflects off of acres and acres of white snow
the wind picking up the loose snow dust
and swirling it around; creating drifts and beauty
I tend to stop at the cold and ignore the beauty
That isn't what God asks of me though
Whatever is true, whatever is honest
...just...pure...lovely...of good report...
of any virtue...
worthy of praise...
think on there things
God made this winter day
so it is worthy of praise
and undeniably lovely
so I will see its' beauty
and marvel at the God who brings beauty
to everything
When I asked Hallie Ann the other day
(in a definite moment of pessimism)
"what exactly is there to like about winter?"
she answered honestly (and optimistically)
"what is there not to like?"
and then to rub it in
she went on to list one after the other -
all the things she loves about winter
She has it right
you have to take the time to find the good
I could make a list to oppose hers
but what would that do 
except add to my discontent
instead I will list the lovely
and dwell on those
and will teach myself
through the loving hand of God
to find the beauty
and love winter
because it too is the handiwork of God

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