Saturday, February 12, 2011

early morning ponderings

1:45 am
I am awake - again
I went to bed before Steve got home from his hockey game
I knew it was a mistake,
but I was tired and bed was warm. 
...and it was nearly midnight.
I love that he enjoys hockey 
and that it gives him good exercise and comradeship with the 'guys;
but the ice time they get is often late
If I go to sleep - or nearly go to sleep... and then am awakened
I am done.
the edge is off and I am awake. 
Oh well, I am never too tired the next day
like I used to be when I was younger
and I do eventually go to sleep (and tomorrow is Saturday :)
So I check my mail and Facebook and The Homeschool Lounge
...and then here I am - pondering and writing
Lately I have taken up the challenge offered at
to write 750 words a day.
I have made it 10 days!  Thats good for me!
Kind of neat to be challenged to write the equivalent of 3 pages a day
interesting where my thoughts go while meandering through memories 
and thinking about what to write about.
It was easier today than 10 days ago
I am getting in the 'groove' I suppose
a fun challenge to myself.
Here at our house we are in the heart of winter
but now that is February, the end feels more in sight.
The groundhog came and went the other day
but whatever his prediction was, it is irrelevant here,
If he predicted a long winter - 6 more weeks - then yea~
That would be short for us
If he predicted a short winter - ha I know better than that
I'm hoping for very little snow left by the end of March
We'll see - what I do know is that spring comes
it always does, because God promised that it would
For now, in these days of cold
I have to keep focused on finding the beauty 
...and to tell you the truth it isn't that hard.  
it is beautiful
and if you could have seen the big smile on my sons face tonight
when he came home from the ski hill, then you'd have seen
the most beautiful part.
big smile, rosy cheeks, good stories.
So let it snow - open the flood gates of heaven :-)

sleepiness is returning - off to bed with me

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