Wednesday, October 26, 2011

echos of love

Days together.
Days to cherish.
My son was home for a few days this past weekend
a little over 5 days to 'drink him in' .... as Anne Shirley might say
he asked me why I kept staring at him
I couldn't help it
It fed me.

One of my favorite books is "Laughter in the Walls" by Bob Benson
he writes of the things of families and what holds them together.
In the title poem, he talks of how he and his wife would sit and listen 
to the quiet of their house when it was just the two of them at home,
their children grown and on their own.
he speaks of sitting and listening to the whispers of the memories...
the 'laughter in the walls'.
I guess that is what I am hearing tonight.
The laughter and loudness and noise of family quietly echoing in the stillness
I love the noise....  and I love the quiet afterward, 
even the melancholy of it.
Mostly I love the time with those I love.
I know it must have a beginning and an end -
that after the 'looking forward to' and the 'living through' are done, 
there is only the memory left (and the hope of the next time)
but it's all So good.
This time together was particularly sweet because of the struggles we have recently gone through. 

Our predictable (ha) world has been shaken these last several months.
The storm and the pain that we have been through has exhausted me.
We have weathered something I never imagined -
but we have weathered it.
Or at least are out of the brunt of it.
There is a lot of healing to do - which will take time,
but I have this overwhelming assurance there WILL be healing
A heart will be mended.
There will be joy.
It all just reminds me over and over 
He CARES so much for us
My pain is felt by HIM and He comforts me
and He comforts those that I love.
I sometimes don't know what to do with that knowledge
It seems too big, too much, too wonderful.
It overwhelms me to tears.
I can rest and let go of my cares -
Because God so firmly and completely 
has it all under control.

I am so thankful...
and now, in the quiet of my little house
with those that I love spread back out - near and far
I can bask in the echos of love...
the laughter in my walls.


Angie Vik said...

Hallie, you were holding out on us when people talked about having blogs. I feel like I know you a little as I've gotten to know Mark and Stephanie this year. They both speak fondly of you and your family. I really like Mark and Stephanie and think it's neat that they live closeby so you can be a part of each other's lives. Especially with a grandbaby on the way.

I love this post and can relate as my one son lives six hours away and because he's involved in camp ministry can't get away very often. I treasure the time we get to spend with him. I love the concept of Laughter in the Walls.

It was so fun to meet you on Saturday. I really enjoyed the workshop. I didn't want it to end.
Hope it was helpful for you.

Lisa said...

Hallie, my heart is sad to hear you have been sad. Your blog is inspiring to read. Makes me remember what a true follower of Jesus you are. Keep focusing on Who He is...Romans 8:28.

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