Saturday, November 14, 2009

the faithful hand of God

Nov. 14, 2009

It is so good to look back and see God's hand in our lives. To remember His faithfulness. To acknowledge His workings.
Twenty three and a half years ago, I held my first baby in my arms and was in such awe of him, and that he was mine. I never wanted to let him go, I wanted him mine forever. Even then I wondered how I could ever 'give him' to someone else. But that seemed so far off anyway.
Over the years we prayed for who would be his wife - someday. I tried to imagine who she was and what she was doing at different times over the years. It was strange to think that somewhere out there was a little girl growing up who would someday be part of our family and more importantly would be the wife of my then little boy.
Well, here we are and she turned out to be Steph, and now they are nearing their first anniversary and she is more than I ever could have imagined...the perfect match for my now grown 'boy'.
Today is Steph's birthday. Now, November 14 is a precious day to us. It is the day that we celebrate this wonderful woman who has taken the heart of our son.
Now, to look back and remember the prayers and the wonderings, it is so neat to see it all come full circle. God was in it all. Our prayers were for her all along.
It is encouraging to remember. It gives me peace as I continue to pray for the future spouses of my other kids....For Rachel, Ryan's fiance' .... and for the young man out there somewhere who will offer his heart to my girl and for the young girl out there somewhere who will melt my little guys resolve to 'never date or marry anyone' girls are strange and to be avoided....ha ha.
I am so glad that God in His mercy and grace loves me and my kids and that I can trust Him with the details.
Steph is one beacon of light that helps me remember that every day.
Happy Birthday!!!

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