Wednesday, November 25, 2009

oh what God can do

Nov. 25, 2009

Thanksgiving is tomorrow
We are leaving this afternoon for Grantsburg...

an interesting family time
Steve went down yesterday to help get things ready,

but mostly so the siblings could have a chance to meet
and try to figure out what needs to be done for his mom.
She has been really struggling the last few months. 
Dealing with an elderly parent is proving to be
a very heart wrenching thing.
I know that people have been dealing with this forever,
but this is the first time for us, with her,
so it is unique to us...
yet the same types of struggles families all over have.
We all love her so much.
I pray that through the next few days,
we will all have patience and understanding,
but also resolve and unity.  
I think of all the times God has had to deal with me
being unreasonable, stubborn and even beligerent.
Just as steadfast in insisting on 'my way' with God
as our older parents...or children...can be with us.  T
he big difference is that I know that I am fighting against
one who is perfect and always has my best in mind. 
When we are trying to be the reasonable ones...
the truth is that we are imperfect
and only hope we have the best in mind.
I hope that we can be even a fraction
as understanding and patient as God is with us.
Oh, let us have the mind of Christ in all of this.
To put ourselves aside and truly seek His wisdom and guidance.
He knows what is best,
He will lead us there if we are willing..
to ask,
to listen
to follow.
He is not trying to keep His best a secret from us.
 He does not want her to be confused and alone.
 He is not a God of chaos or confusion.
 I pray that He will be a part of
every conversation,
every decision.
I pray we will be able to look back and see
that we sought Him and found Him and say with thankfulness..
'look what He has done!'

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